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Other Ways of Showing Appreciation

1. Express love and encouragement in writing and/or in person .
2. Set out a gift basket in the church lobby for notes and gifts .
3. Mow the pastor’s lawn when his family is on vacation or ministry leave .
4. Give a gift card to the ministry couple’s favorite restaurant and provide creative childcare options .
5. Ask your pastor how you can specifically pray for his family .
6. Arrange and purchase a couple’s retreat .
7. Give a brief word of encouragement and prayer on a Sunday morning .
8. Provide appropriate time off for vacations .
9. Support your pastor as he ministers outside your church .
10. Form a covenant group who is committed to praying for your pastors each day of the week .
11. Encourage at least one day of Sabbath rest each week .
12. Support an annual spiritual renewal retreat to refresh your pastor’s intimacy with the Lord .
13. Talk to them directly if you have any concerns, but not on a Sunday or in writing .
14. Specifically share how God has used him to challenge, enrich, and encourage your walk with Jesus .
15. Allow your pastor’s wife to “be herself” and find her own ministry niche .
16. Financially support your pastor and wife as they attend marriage-strengthening events and getaways .
17. Support and encourage your pastor’s involvement in missions .
18. Remember birthdays with a personal card or social media blessing .
19. Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day/Month each year with notes, cards, and gifts for the pastor and his wife .
20. Allow your pastor’s children to just be kids .
21. Encourage your ministry family to have friends in the church .
22. Bless your ministry family with a special anniversary gift.