JKFC – Resurrection Life Church

Theme : Discerning And Taking The Territories Of The New World

Dates: June 8th – 14th


Monday – Saturday : 7pm  |   Sunday:  9am 

HOSTS: Pastors Chucks & Toyin Ugoihe

Guest Speakers :

Dr Charles Omole

Pastor Kunle Soriyan

Pastor Charles Ngobeni

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Speakers : 

Pastor Chucks Obinna Ugoihe – Senior Pastor of Resurrection Life Church Johannesburg

Pastor Chucks is a passionate teacher and preacher of the Word of God. He has been blessed by God with the uncanny ability and gift to explain and unpack deep and complex spiritual truths in very easy to understand and apply formats. Through him, God is raising an army of ordinary men and women who are transforming and uplifting the standard of life in their communities through understanding and applying Biblical principles in their own personal lives bringing change and consequently impacting those in their circles of influence.

Over the years, Pastor Chucks has been involved and active in Marketplace ministries. He has taught and facilitated many leadership and entrepreneurship courses and seminars in many organizations and churches in Nigeria, South Africa and India. Pastor Chucks is an entrepreneur and business consultant with an avid passion for raising other entrepreneurs and business leaders.

He has a dynamic group of young business people that he is coaching and mentoring through the platform of “Kingdom Financiers Forum” (KFF) He is also the host of the television broadcast programme: “Living The Life” Broadcast. He also hosts the periodic Dream Achievers Conferences and Seminars.  

Dr Charles Omole

Dr. Charles Omole is a Lawyer, Security consultant, Trainer and Strategist to businesses and governments across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Also, a Constitutional law scholar, he brings together an excellent academic & research pedigree and practical industry experience in a compelling proposition. He is a global expert in Law Enforcement Jurisprudence and Organizational Transformation.
A first-class strategist and trainer; Dr Omole is a world-renown expert in matters relating to Good Governance in National Security operations, Security Sector reform, Excellence in Policing, and Leadership Development. He has worked in over 40 countries and advised many nations on reforms to Security Services. Alongside his many global scholarship interests, Dr. Omole also sit as a Judge in the London Circuit of the British Judiciary in both the Crown & Family Courts.

With his wide-ranging experience in economics, business, technology, organizational change, politics, the judiciary, national security, policing, human capital development and leadership coaching, Dr. Omole combines an incredibly vast and versatile range of expertise in operational management, enterprise development, leadership, corporate transformation, security sector reforms, and strategic change management.

Pastor Charles Ngobeni

An author, serial entrepreneur, talk show host, an international business coach, a pastor, a husband and a father: Charles holds a BSc. (Mathematical Sciences), as well as an MBA with Wits. Trained at Rhema Bible College and ordained as a pastor of Miracle Valley Churches. He currently runs his taxi business, seven Wimpy restaurants, a Sasol fuel station, Art of Skin Care cosmetics company, Kuwisa guest house, a number of mining houses, has a number of shares with different companies listed in the JSE, and hosts the television talk show “Marketplace With Charles” on TBN.

Charles attributes his success to the Godly principles of tithing and giving. He is a KINGDOM FINANCIER – deeply involved with a number of churches’ building projects andfacilitates pastors-to-be to go to Bible colleges.

He has received various accolades and featured on many SABC channels as a successful franchisee.

Pastor Olakunle Soriyan

Olakunle Soriyan is a renowned public speaker, futurist, disruptor, transdisciplinary and catalytic thought leader, global business and
leadership strategist, high-impact influencer and culture-shaper, life and spiritual guide.“PK” as he is fondly called, is one of Africa’s greatest resourceful talents.

He is the coach of coaches, mentor of mentors and leader of leaders; and well valued by industry colleagues in the knowledge space as a authentic, compelling and inspirational entity and iconoclast making a real difference. Soriyan is a daily radio host and TV personality in Nigeria. He has developed many best-selling resource materials helping millions of individuals across the globe. He promotes ORIGINALITY as a critical pathway to PURPOSEFULNESS at any level of development.

Olakunle Soriyan works to SHAPE CULTURE and CHANGE the COURSE of HISTORY by REACHING, WORKING with, INSPIRING and EMPOWERING society’s THINKERS, DECISION MAKERS and INFLUENCERS; as well as SUPPORTING and DEFENDING the MOST VULNERABLE. He is unrepentantly and doggedly driven by the idea that by ELIMINATING the MASS IGNORANCE that DRIVES and SUSTAINS the SOCIOECONOMIC and POLITICAL DISEQUILIBRIUM existing in Nigeria and Africa, the nation and the continent at large will be ABLE to SUPPLY the kind of AWARENESS and VIGILANCE that provokes the SPIRIT OF PIONEERING and GLOBAL
RELEVANCE. He is also the Intellectual Property Owner of the popular COLLEGE of LIFE™ MASTER CLASS, NEXT365™ INDABA, TalkPRO™ and Ideas GOING GLOBAL™. He is the founder of the popular, ZERO TO HERO™ Movement.

A robust thinker, PK’s talks/speaking/training sessions are inspiring, fast moving, jargon-free, full of wisdom, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. Soriyan presents a series of great original ideas and strategies with compelling depth and a rare combination of fact, humour, insights and practical concepts.